12 de octubre de 2013

The body song

Hi, kids. I have a new challenge for you:
You have to learn this song. You can add movements or dance. When you can sing it properly, you will go in groups to the  4 and 5 years classes and will share the song with our little friends in the English lessons
However I'd like you do an extra job, if you understand the lyrics, you can translate it and write the sentence and its translation on the comments box. We reward the right comments publishing it and you get extra points for your marks
Are you ready? Here we go!

5 de octubre de 2013

Monsters Like Play

Would you know to explain WHAT is a monster?
We have MONSTERS at our school. Every night they play all around the school, and their favourite place for playing is the gymnasium, of course. During the day they are hiding . Where do you think the monsters could be hidden during the day?
Draw the monsters playing or hidden and we'll upload to this blog the best ideas